Mineral Insulated (MI) Band Heaters

Our plate flanged heaters are easy to install and maintain. These flanged heater products are designed for heating heat transfer fluids, medium and lightweight oils and water in tanks and pressure vessels. Plate flanged heaters are ideal for applications requiring low to medium wattage requirements. Our plate flanged heaters are made with WATROD tubular elements that are brazed or welded to the flange. Stock plate flanged heaters are supplied with general purpose or moisture-resistant terminal enclosures.

A thin layer of high thermal conductive MI material electrically insulates the element wire from the inside diameter of the heater sheath. The result is more efficient heat transfer, which lowers element wire temperatures and increases heater life.

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Features & Benefits

Standard, general purpose, or moisture resistant terminal enclosures to easily control access to wiring.

ANSI compatible 2 and 2½ inch flanges for appropriate heater size-to-application fit.

Direct replacement for many OEM mold temperature control units provides a single-source supplier for many OEM applications.

Rapid ship program minimizes downtime.

10″-14″ Flange Heaters

Our flanged immersion heaters are easy to install and maintain. Designed for heating liquids and gases in tanks and pressure vessels, ANSI flanged immersion heaters are ideal for applications requiring higher kilowatts. They are made with WATROD or FIREBAR tubular elements brazed or welded to a flange. Stock flange heaters are equipped with a general purpose terminal enclosure.

Flanged immersion heaters, with FIREBAR elements, also answer the need for liquid immersion applications requiring high kilowatts in small tanks. The FIREBAR element’s unique flat surface geometry packs more power in a smaller bundle, with lower watt density, making it especially well-suited for petroleum-based liquid heating applications.

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Features & Benefits

Integrel thermowells provide convenient temperature sensor insertion and replacement without draining the fluid being heated.

All units are inspected and/or tested to ensure element-to-flange pressure seals do not leak.

Standard, general purpose terminal enclosure for easy access to wiring.

UL® and CSA component recognition.

FIREROD® Immersion Heaters

FIREROD water immersion heaters are ideal for replacing large screw-plug immersion heaters. Because of its compact size the product can be very versatile when designed into a heating system. These water immersion heaters come complete with a brass 3⁄4 inch National Pipe Thread (NPT) double threaded fitting, which allows you to add conduit boxes. Also, FIREROD immersion heaters are sealed at the lead end with a silicone rubber seal.

Solid copper leads, with silicone rubber sleeves, are provided for unrestricted wiring. These units are recommended for immersion in water or 90+ percent water soluble solutions.

Immersion Heaters

Features & Benefits

Nickel-chromium resistance wire precisely centered in the unit ensures even, efficient distribution of heat to the sheath.

MgO insulation compacted to the proper density results in high dielectric strength and contributes to faster heat-up.

240 and 480VAC voltage allows flexibility in wiring the heater for use in your particular applications.

Metallurgically-bonded conductor pins for trouble-free electrical continuity.

Alloy 800 sheath resists corrosion from water.

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